Friday, July 08, 2016

Geezus Dallas....

are we still gonna double down on that whole "an armed society is a peaceful society" meme?
Because last night's sniper had method motive opportunity, the advantage of surprise and ALL the firepower Texas could hand over to him to kill cops.
Whatever his motivations, a generation of conservative social engineering handed over to this jobber all he needed to get his revenge in a brutal fashion.
Collectively, we are pointing a gun to our head, a Huge Large Caliber weapon and screaming to the world "You Are Next!!!"
And we've been doing it for years and likely the current massacre will do nothing to alter the situation.
We are granting by the lights of a dubiously narrowly defined constitutional fiat, the advantage of surprise, an upgrade of firepower and the air tight security of madness, to the violently inclined.
Its a wonder things like Dallas and Baltimore and on and on and on, doesn't happen every day, Oh Wait IT DOES!
We have all become simultaneous victims and perpetrators....we are armed to the teeth and killing one another on whatever whim boils in our heads.
THAT is the definition of National Anarchy.
And thats what we are down to....Survival.
Anyone else wanna survive?

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