Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just as I predicted

Trump was nominated by RNC yesterday sans any real last minute shenanigans to deny him the top spot.
A lot of people doubled the carbon footprint of the USA on cable TV these last three months insisting there would be a bloody floor fight at the RNC, a threat which came to exactly nothing yesterday.
The skills to pull off such a coup just don't exist anymore, moreover unseating "King Primary" would mean doing some pretty awful stuff on live television something that probably gave the Antis the Jitters.
Stealing an election or even a nomination requires closed doors and the RNC has precious few of those these days.
Besides the people most opposed to Trump's candidacy are paradoxically the most indifferent to his actual nomination for President, because in turn they need him to LOSE to Hillary Clinton this fall in order for them to reassert their control over the GOP.
To La Famiglia Arbusto, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell etc, the worst thing in the world is not that Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square (in their world "shit sometimes happens), no their nightmare is having to coexist with Trump within the GOP. Getting rid of him therefore means passive aggressively throwing Trump under the bus this fall.
My other idle prediction is that I suspect, the GOP might institute some sort of a "Super Delegates" rule at their conventions, a'la the democrats in order to provide some sort of a brake on the belligerent passions of the party's base.

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