Sunday, July 17, 2016

Valkyrie in Ankara....

The Coup Attempt against Turkish President Erdogan seems to have ended in failure this weekend. Like Stauffenberg and the Valkyrie conspirators, the Colonels lacked sufficient reliable military resources to carry off the plan, this is clearly evidenced by the fact that no attempt whatsoever was made to isolate or seize Erdogan's person was made.
Its hard to figure out who to back here, both Erdogan and the Turkish Military were in a foot race to see who could end democracy in Turkey, looks like the President won that contest this weekend.
Assuming the usual tyrannical motivations Erdogan will likely interpret this coup as a signal to accelerate the theocratization of the military and the government, in other words purge-purge-purge!
What Erdogan wants is a society dominated by Mullahs and Mosques and Holy Book and the scholars that read the book and thus control it's interpretation.
Of course...there are rumors (for the Middle East is a sort of paradise for rumor and conspiracy theories) that Erdogan himself incited this coup as an excuse to purge the officer corps once and for all....
If true then this is a far more dangerous character than we realized...he bears watching to be sure, Turkey is a NATO partner at the moment crucial to the Syrian Crisis....but I wonder, if the price of his theocratic vision required him to exit NATO...would Erdogan do it?

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