Friday, June 06, 2008


Humble Elias quietly advises tomorrow's state democratic convention to decline to put Ed O'Reilly on the senatorial primary ballot. Nothing the man has done nigh these past six months indicates he is deserving of ballot access, he is a blustery adventurer, with little money and no prospects to speak. What he is good at is laying down guilt trips on liberals and progressives making them feel somehow antidemocratic if an obscure barrister from Gloucester isn't shoved onto the senatorial primary ballot poste haste.
Humble Elias can't see that the party's ineffable political mission will somehow be corrupted if we overlook Ed O'Reilly at tomorrow convention. He has had almost a year now to demonstrate a following that extends beyond his immediate family and friends and has little to show for it.
Undoubtedly John Kerry will crush him by about 70% of the vote or more, the thirty or so O'Reilly might collect is composed of die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters who wanna pay back JK for backing Obama and those democrats still mad at John for losing in'04.
Seems like a ridiculous price to pay for payback if you asked me.

Moreover, leaving O'Reilly off the ballot gives Kerry a chance to do some power-fundraising for Obama and act as a consensus builder for the national ticket in general. Let us not tie him down when we are so close to finally regaining the White House.
Give me that over O'Reilly any day.

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