Friday, June 27, 2008

Entwhistle guilty....

Apropos of nothing but I suppose this is as good a time as any for Humble Elias to note that he in penalty.
Mind you it is hardly a pressing issue for me, I'm not gonna exclude voting for a particular candidate solely on the basis of their stance on capital punishment nor do I necessarily trust the Great and General Court to write a fair and justice statute with respect to the death penalty.
But I am for it in a theoretical sense, mostly because there are some monsters out there who do need to be turned to dust soonest. Sometimes, just sometimes the morally indefensible act is to allow certain killers to live. I can prosper very nicely in a world without Charles Manson or Sirhan Sirhan.
I have no truck with rubbish about the death penalty's deterrent effect, George III's England had 300 capital offenses on it's book and the whole country was a corrupt crime ridden sink hole.
Til now however it has been applied unevenly, ineptly at times and with a heavily racial tinge in terms of who gets executed for what.
But I am for it...but in terms of a law being proposed that I could get behind, that is another matter entirely.

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