Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hillary for Veep?

If she fights as hard for the number two spot as she did for the democratic presidential nomination then we are all in for a long hot summer indeed.
Ah but Obama has bested Hillary for President, I don't think he will have too much trouble with Hillary for Veep.
The cry has gone up that Senator Clinton has a unique bond with so called "Reagan democrats" but the truth is large cohorts like that are never fetched by a Vice Presidential nominee, it is rather the job of the ticket-topper to build a broad electoral coalition.
How many Italians were beguiled in '84 by Ferraro? How many Texans voted for Mike Dukakis by way of Lloyd Bentsen?
The numbers speak for themselves.
No...Citizen Obama will have to win over Senator Clinton's cohorts by his own efforts, let us hope he has a plan.
Moreover, you have to wonder, what happens if Bill Cinton starts tomcatting Vice President Hillary Clinton again, something that is a very real possibility something that President Obama would wanna avoid for all sorts of obvious reasons.
I say be polite, solicit Senator Clinton's views but make no offer.

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