Friday, June 06, 2008

The news once again is bad...

State Senator Marzilli has gone over the hump.
Jim Marzilli's actions are as indefensible as they are inexplicable, as some who knew him nigh these eighteen years I never got hint one that he concealed any dementia, mean-ness or general perversity.
Howie Carr is having himself a field day (I still wanna know though, who got the big-ass TV in his seldom discussed divorce)and the usual suspects are chortling with glee out in the Arlington K of C.
With Marzilli's withdrawl the democratic race for the 4th Middlesex is inherited by former Lexington Firefighter Ken Donnelly (making his second bid for the office) and Arlington Selectperson Jack Hurd, neither of whom inspires much confidence from Humble Elias.
Donnelly is congenitally incapable of discussing anything without shouting and the only issue he seems to have mastered mastered is the arcania of public service pensions, a topic of active disinterest to 85% of the electorate. Ken has money though (40K is rumored to remain in his political account) plus he can count on vast legions of out of district "volunteers" dragooned mostly from the police stations and firehouses of far off towns to crowd his ranks.
Jack Hurd on the other hand is a calm man, a laid back man and the darling of the so called townies in Arlington. He has no enemies and few accomplishments to speak of after a decade or so on the Board of Selectmen. He also had a brief tenure as Chairman of the Town Democratic Committee which was then composed for the most part of deadheads and garrulous ne'er do wells.

However, must needs when the devil rides, the race will at least be interesting.

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