Wednesday, June 18, 2008

There are times when Jeff Jacoby writes a column

so earnest so sincere and yet so very silly that one is moved to guffaws of pity. Today's argument that overpopulation is a good thing is one of those columns.
Ah but Jeff is prone to these child-like excesses of zeal does anyone else recall the tightly wound screed he once composed in defense of post disaster price gouging?
Poor Jeff, he is cursed with a believing mind, Plato's magic cave of shadow's contains the mystic perfect forms for a conservative utopia or so it seems to young Jacoby. There is no blarney he can't absorb if it has the "approved by movement conservatism" stamp upon it.
The poor fool....I mean not for nothing but that $4 a gallon yer playing for regular is a consequence of world-wide demand for crude oil something driven in part by population surge and some measure of rising expectations as well.
Mind you Jeff promises a second part to today's column and no doubt there he will assert that it is falling birth rates exclusively among the western nations (i.e. white folks) that imperil's civilization's survival.
Watch for it mah frenz.

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