Thursday, June 12, 2008

SCM (Same Cynic Marriage)

It is curious to note that Candidate Ed O'Reilly's first media appearance post convention was on the Howie Carr Show of all things.
Hell there must be dozens and dozens of radio talk shows in Massachusetts one or two of them must be friendly to demagogic pseudo progressives but somehow O'Reilly ends up on the notorious homophobic Howie Carr show.
Gorsh how d'ye suppose that happened?
Will Ed be participating in the usual fag-bashing antics in subsequent appearances? Will Ed chuckle over the Barney Frank anecdotes that get told over and over and over again?
Or maybe Ed will get the boot in good on various gay democratsthat Howie has targeted for defeat and destruction down thru the years?
Maybe O'Reilly will man up and lecture Howie about the dangers of homophobia...yuh right!
Hell O'Reilly loves to lecture democrats about the alleged illiberalism of John Kerry, you'd think he'd save some ammo for an outright gruesome reactionary toad like Howie.
Somehow, Humble Elias doubts Ed will find the time.
Nonetheless even if this is a marriage of convenience certain proprieties must still be observed, Ed O'Reilly gets vital free media and Howie Carr gets a useful idiot with which to bedevil a national democrat.
If that ain't true love always what is?
My only question is, that after Kerry beats O'Reilly like a red-headed stepchild in the September primary will Ed ever be heard from again on the Howie Carr show?
Or will his populist bona fides last that long with Howie the homophobe?
We will find out in just four short months.

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