Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh and Jeff Jacoby apparently thinks

that global depopulation is real threat to humanity's survival.

It occurs to me (again) that to be a movement conservative these days one has to ardently believe a whole series of childish ideations, that global warming is a myth, that the US economy is in great shape or that we are winning the war in Iraq.
Now Jeff adds global depopulation to the slushpile, right up their with abstinence education and the brain busting properties of pop-rocks.

All of it very gaudy and all of it straight out of an elementary school recess...and yet it is guiding policy and nigh holy writ for thousands of pundits and high level decision makers within and without the US Government.
With any luck the children's crusade comes to an end this year...it has cost us all a pretty penny though hasn't it?

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