Wednesday, June 11, 2008

John McCain turns long haired Peacenik

with his new "I Hate War" TV advert.
And yet two months ago he ranting and raving about fighting for another one hundred years in Iraq til we'd achieved victory etc etc etc.
Now he picks up a guitar and starts strumming out Phil Ochs' "I ain't a marchin' anymore".
Once a Morlock
Now an Eloi.

What the hell is up with John McCain? He is not making any sense in this campaign he has pimped himself out to every wingnut wowser with money that can be found, bellowed for war without end and shilled on behalf of bottomless tax cuts.
Now he has quit with the sky grifters and gone all peace-maker on us, what next a solemn promise to raise the top rate to 50%?

There is an dangerous ubiquity to John McCain, he changes course a lot and does it abruptly as well. I suspect the man has problems proclaiming a program and sticking to it, Wendell Willkie had the same issues and it did him no good in the end. Bewildering rhetorical shifts make you look phony...and Senator McCain has a greenish pallor like that of a three dollar bill.

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