Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thoughts while getting a tooth capped this morning

I've got teeth that make the Longfellow Bridge look robust quite frankly...fortunately my curiously large fingered dentist is a sure shot with novocaine so I felt nada. there I was reclining and idly cataloguing all the reasons why Senator Clinton was a poor choice as a vice presidential nominee (there are by my count twenty three of them, five dealing exclusively with her husband). Which in turn led me to list all the reasons why Senator Kerry ought to turn down any hypothetical offer of the Secretary of State's position (#1 being that the job hasn't been any fun since Cordell Hull rode off to join the Angel's Posse)...which in turn made me think that Senator Clinton would make a DANDY Secretary of State!
Okay so she wouldn't be breaking any gender barriers in Foggy Bottom but you KNOW NATO and the G-8 and all that lot would damn well sit up and take notice when she swept into the room. And everyone knows Ms. Clinton is no pushover either...I can think of some hardcases out in the world that might actually be afraid of her. The lady has change agent written all over her as well...her husband would still be a bit of a drag but at least he wouldn't be a constitutional anomaly as the husband of the Secretary of State.
If I was Obama, I'd say this was a worthwhile idea and one that would pay off better than offering Clinton the vice presidential nomination.

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