Sunday, June 01, 2008

In today's Globe Jeff Jacoby swallows manfully and...

tries to explain Pastor John Hagee's bizarre notions that the holocaust was a consequence of European Jewery's lack of Zionist passion.
After mucking around for three paragraphs Jeff lets off this howler:

" I find Hagee's theological explanation for the extermination of 6 million Jews strained and incoherent"...

"Strained and incoherent"?
Now that is smacking Pastor John a hard one between the eyes now isn't it?
This is sort of sad to read, normally Jeff wouldn't except this sort of nonsense from some liberal type pastor, but the need to keep the wowsers in the GOP coalition compels Jeff to pull his punches, shuffle and to jive.
Frankly it is a mealy-mouthed exercise, the sort of thing Jeff wouldn't accept from Noam Chomsky when the Prof defended the notions put down by French holocaust deniers.

Well if you ever needed proof that in the end mere ideology comes before truth in Jeff's mind, you need go no further than today's column.

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