Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jeff Jacoby luvs firearms so today's column reads

in the Boston Sunday Globe.
He just loves them, he especially loves the discomfort they allegedly cause democrats. I'm idly curious though, just how many firearms does this second amendment zealot Jeff Jacoby actually own?
I'll bet he doesn't own a single one and wouldn't permit one in the house what with children underfoot and all...course' ah don't know that for a fact but it seems likely.
And you can bet if Jeff found out his next door neighbor had a huge collection of semi-automatics, shotguns and a selection of quality pistols he'd be just a wee bit anxious.
Maybe this neighbor is single, maybe he doesn't talk much, maybe he has sued the town once spuriously, comes and goes late and night and can be seen cleaning his firearms out on the patio in broad daylight.
I'll bet Jeff would feel really really safe with all that going.
Okay Okay I KID I tease I'm sure Jeff's neighbors are all paragons of firearmly virtue in every way whether they own or not.
And I'm sure Jeff is a dead shot...with a glue gun that is.

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