Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ogo we Hardly Knew Ye....

Citizen Ogonowski fails to collect enough signatures to qualify for the GOP senatorial primary ballot this fall.

This is just a stitch and a half man, does CVS sell "guffaw suppressants"? I don't wanna startle my co-workers in other more sedate cubicles with my cackles.

Not collecting enough signatures to get on the ballot is the sort of snafu one attributes to rookie fourth-party candidates for state representative, it is just plain embarrassing for Ogo to miss his mark like that. Hell, some campaigns have been know to hire temps to hit the shopping centers and grocery stores to get the necessary is a no brainer type exercise.
Oh and blaming on the town clerks, those uncelebrated hard working functionaries? Bad bad form, it betrays a small desperate mind. Sheee-it the gawd-damn GREENS can get on the ballot without snarking out the lady's at town hall, what's Ogo's problem?

Alas I think in the end it was all too much of a job for Citizen Ogonowski.

This leaves Jeff Beatty a fairly obscure GOP janissary from Harwich as John Kerry's only legit republican opposition come the fall. Now if only the state Democratic convention would see reason about that adventurer O'Reilly we could start ramping up for the fall campaign in style.

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