Monday, June 16, 2008

Defensively on the defensive

Some beltway types are talking up former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn as a potential VP for Barack Obama.
In Sam's favor is the fact that he is friend of Obama's, he has defense and foreign policy props that offset the candidate's deficits in these areas and he is a relatively conservative southern who nonetheless opposed the war.

To me though he is an excessively "defensive" choice.
He will never deliver Georgia to the democrats to say nothing of any other southern state. Now, Nunn might do some business in Florida but that would be the third time in eight years the dems made a play for the sunshine state and I'd rather go hunting elsewhere for easier pickin's.
Moreover, if Sam Nunn compensates for Barack Obama's lack of foreign policy credentials he also obliquely emphasizes those selfsame deficits. A stunt like this works for the GOP every time (think VP Dick Cheney) but otherwise it is always a confession of weakness for the democrats.
Sam Nunn is a knowledgeable guy but he is also utterly colorless and I fear his teeth aren't sharp enough for what will be a very nasty fight this fall.
On the other hand Sam Nunn would make a good Secretary of Defense...and you know he has been dreaming of the job all his adult life.
Maybe that is the right sinecure for the former Senator from Georgia.

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