Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When the Shameless get Shameless

Not a week after he guilt tripped the state democratic convention into putting him on the ballot, Citizen O'Reilly collects the de facto endorsement of notorious democrat-hater, Howie "Sealed Divorce Records" Carr.
I mean, not for nothing, but O'Reilly did shriek into the mike last week that he was in complete accord with the state democratic platform, now Ed is catching bouquets from a pundit dedicated to destroying that agenda and our party.
Anyone else catching a wee whiff of cynicism here?
This sweet embrace has nothing to do with extracting free media from Howie Carr's daily radio show...oh no.
After all how many mortgages can Ed O'Reilly take out on that million dollar pile of his up there in Gloucester? How long can that money last with gas prices at $4 a gallon? I suppose Ed could hitch hike to his harangues this summer.
No, Ed is doing a good job of exploiting the natural credulity of the Boston based punditariat along with their ingrained desire to forment chaos among local democrats. Soon enough O'Reilly collect vaguely similar plaudits from Joanie Vennochi, Scot Lehigh and all the usual suspects who are somehow desperate for amusement amidst a presidential election year.

Howie's column today includes this unintended howler:

He’s (O'Reilly) a bit of a moonbat, I suppose, but when you get somebody who’s running against Liveshot (Senator Kerry) who’s willing to play the class card, I can overlook a lot

My God O'Reilly can even guilt-trip Howie Carr with his pseudo-populist rubbish...I'm amazed The WRKO yakker fell for it. Sad to see is this really the guy what drove Whitey Bulger to flee the country?

Honestly though, which phony populist demagogue is playing whom? I can't tell anymore it's all gotten so blatantly cynical and shameless and predictable.

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