Thursday, June 19, 2008

John McCain wants to resolve the current carbon crisis and the energy crisis

by building forty five new terrorism targets (otherwise known as nuclear reactors) by the year 2030.
And those sonsabitches have to be licensed, inspected and defended 24-7...just like with the LNG tank farms in Everett, but with imcomparably worse consequences if something should happen.
I'm not so orthodox as to preclude a place for nuclear power of some type in the mix, but forty five reactors is way too much of a bad thing. Like John Kerry sez, we are gonna need to invent our way out of this mess, the sooner the better. Besides generating capacity isn't our problem it's fuel for our automobiles and the concurrent carbon emissions they occasion, I'd start there.
I've decided I liked McCain better when he was a man of honor and didn't pimp out his own sorry ass to every crackpot big money interest that waltzed thru his door.
I mean...whatever happened to that guy?

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