Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Virtue that attends on a Virile Young He-Ape

What is State Senator Jim Marzilli guilty of?

Possibly many actionable things...a court room will be needed to sort it all out and deliver recompense if that is warranted.

At this point though, Jim Marzilli is clearly guilty of allowing his morals to descend to the level of a radio talk show host...a damning state of affairs to be sure.

DId Jim grope and harass?
So did Bill O'Reilly and John McLaughlin.

Could all this be a consequence of chemical dependency? Maybe - Who knows?
Then again, Rush Limbaugh is an admitted dope fiend and Laura Ingraham's hangover cure is the wonder of Washington DC.

Perhaps State Senator Marzilli is of a general freakiness that has up until now been well concealed?
Well what can I tell you all, so far as I know Howie Carr's divorce records have been artfully sealed by one of those Massachusetts' judge's he usually rails against.

The inability of these pundits, wowsers and rabble rousers to resist temptation is a sad demonstrable fact.

Jim Marzilli simply fell into the same trap.

However let us remember, that Rush Limbaugh did no time for his doctor shopping, nor has Laura Ingraham checked into Betty Ford and who knows what succor has been given John McLaughlin and Bill O'Reilly's victims.

If we export radio talk show values into the Marzilli affair, then little by way of punishment will be visited upon the accused.

Somehow I doubt that will happen in this case.

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