Sunday, June 22, 2008

You can set your watch to Joanie Vennochi....

In June of every presidential election year she will, without fail, find a position of entirely spurious moral equivalence between the two major party candidates for the White House.
I assume her argument this week has something to do with Senator Obama's declination of public could just as easily be a change in his cable television package it all adds up in Joanie's sourpuss mentality to flip floppery.
She did this to Kerry and then Gore and on and on and on, as predictable as an unloved season.

Honestly, Ms. Vennochi has the journalistic reliability of a metronome.

The whole "A pox on both their houses" meme covertly advantages the GOP in every case, since the default position in that reasoning is to vote for the candidate who offers the least - which is usually the republican. By inverting the expectations of the electorate in this fashion columnistas like Joanie help demobilize liberals and energize conservatives who have at least unde this logic a new agenda of ennui put forward.

Well you wouldn't expect Joanie to just come out and say "Vote for McCain - has offers nothing and nothing is plenty for you-all!"
Nope she has to be all passive aggressive about, seems to be a pattern with her.

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