Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"A Broad General View of Things..."

The Supreme Court is gonna take up the issue of same sex marriage? Whoo boy...batten down the hatches kids this is gonna be a good one. There are two Supreme Courts at war here, the nice broadminded five to four line up that validated HCR about a year ago...or the assholes who foisted President Bush Jr on us. Which court will show up? Who can say? All I do know is that there are just enough vengeful wingnut ideological warriors on the Supreme Court, people just desperate to punch some liberal or liberal cause in the nose, to give me a distinct sense of unease. Ah but that is the mocking dilemma for a nice white suburban liberal like myself, I don't recognize the right of the legislature to restrict freedom of marriage nor do I trust the highest court in the land to interpret the constitution in a "fair and balanced" fashion. Like I said, batten down the hatches....

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