Sunday, December 23, 2012

Congrats to Senator Kerry

on grabbing off the Big Brass Ring at Foggy Bottom, I wish him well. (I've lost the argument, I was never IN the argument lets face it, have to man up and move on sez Humble Elias). Meanwhile, seven out of nine local congressman have awoken to see a Future US Senator in the shaving mirror... among them: Ed Markey the long serving Rep in the Seventh Congressional District, tall reasonably articulate, well entrenched in a safe district with tons of cash on hand...he'd be an immediate front runner if and when he piles in. On the other hand representing the safest democratic district since Adam means he has never had to run any kind of a real campaign in a general election, Ed tend to being a doctrinaire liberal and while that plays well at the Lexington Elks Club the message may be more problematic in North Brookfield. Finally, while I like Ed, he lacks a sense of whimsy, he grinds when he should stop smile and laugh a little, no sure how he'd play statewide. Mike Capuano: passionate, Passionate, PASSIONATE, did I mention how PASSIONATE Mike Capuano is?? He is also almost impossibly honest by all accounts out of Somerville, the Spartans love him even if they are bound in loyalty to Ed Markey and that is no small thing. However, I worry about Mike's judgement, he got schooled by Martha Coakley in that primary back in 2010, I sometimes wonder if Mike is so eager to return fire he'll shoot himself in the foot? Steve Lynch: Steve is what passes for a conservative democrat in Massachusetts Politics, by all accounts he ought to be angling to succeed Menino, but for some stupid reason he wants to run for Senator....Ghod knows why. Outside his own district he won't do much business either with moderates (who won't cotton to his chummy clubby Southie bona fides) and he certainly won't wear well among suburban liberals. But then again, let a hundred flowers bloom and all like that, the man has a right to make his case in a fair and open primary and once again Humble Elias is a lonely voice for a primary where all factions within the party and consulted & debated. But whoever gets the nomination, lets just remember that Scott Brown is no pushover he will wolverine gone mad on crystal meth to get his old job back, count on it.

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