Saturday, December 15, 2012

John Don't Do It...

Looks like JK is about to be offered Foggy Bottom. I am under no illusions here, nobody reads The Chimes At Midnight, nonetheless duty compels me One Last Time to assert that the loss of John Kerry's leadership as Senior Senator from Massachusetts would be a tragedy for the Commonwealth. We have lost Edward Maximus and are already on our third Junior Senator from Massachusetts, this is a time for continuity, for statesmanship, for leadership...this is a time to Stand By The Commonwealth. Don't do it John please. For Every George Catlett Marshall there is a Dean Rusk on the flipside...Remember that Senator. This state is sadly rife with cynical bastards that are slavering at the prospect of a special senatorial election do not gratify them Senator Kerry, they are undeserving of such a boon! Don't Do It John, please. Elias N.

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