Saturday, December 01, 2012

There is talk in DC of

"arming the Syrian Rebels" as a means to effect the ouster of the Supreme Opthamalocrat in Damascus. I can't think of a worse idea, it was bad when Mitt Romney proposed it back in October, and if anything it is worse one now. We cannot arm a bunch of irregular Arab militias who share a border of Israel and expect any good to come of the transaction. It was one thing to arm the Libyan fighters and establish a no-fly zone, that was a completely different geostrategic situation, Libya doesn't abut Israel and or the West Bank/Gaza. The furthest I'd be prepared to go in Syrian is to establish a no-fly zone under NATO auspices. Turkey is a NATO member and shares a border with Syrian we have to keep this a NATO centered operation. I am no friend of Assad and his corrupt murderous crew...but owing to proximity to Israel and the potential involvement of Turkey in this whole mess, we must needs proceed with caution. Just one more thought, does John Kerry really wanna wade into this mess? A veritable American Metternich would find the current situation daunting. Just sayin' thass all.

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