Friday, December 21, 2012

Congrats to Brian McGrory on his elevation

to the editorship of the Boston Globe, I like to make fun of him (mercilessly) but at the very least Morrissey Boulevard opted for a journalist to run the paper and one with solid roots in the community. In other words, they did not go with an MBA, so that at least is some good counterintuitive thinking on their part. Of course this does mean that the Globe will go on trying to fantasize a Moderate Republican Faction into existence, McGrory was a big mark for the "George Bush Jr, Bill Weld, Mitt Romney & Scott Brown are all MODERATES" meme...that much won't change. It comes as no surprise to me that right next to the announcement of McGrory's promotion on the front page of the Globe was a long loving article trying to gin up Bill Weld's chances of running for the US Senate, again. I mean clearly the Globe is just desperate for Bill to resurrect himself, jug and all. *** Well whatever, but as long as there is a vacancy on the Metro Pages of the Globe I'd like to propose MYSELF as the new columnist! I'd be good at it if only by keeping my ego in check, staying vigilant & trying to listen before forming one of my classic "sarcastic rant driven" columns. I've worked in the dino media on and off down thru the years and am familiar with all the eternal verities of the business... Granted I don't live in Boston, but these days who does? I'd be willing to move if the $$ was right. :D Well anyway if you can't hire me, I say go whole hog with Sarah Silverman, that dame can seriously stir some shit up, and she is local (well, New Hampshire local, same diff)

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