Friday, December 07, 2012

Carmen Ortiz for Governor?

Geez Governor Patrick sure knows how to stir shit up don't he?? He dropped the US Attorney's name as a gubernatorial candidate at a state house conference with the House Speaker and the Senate President....aaaand PRESTO instant candidate! Gotta break this down from Deval Patrick's perspective....if he was gonna design an insurgent outsider as a democratic candidate one with some marquee potential to hold together the Patrick-Obama coalition (the one that just decked Scott Brown), one who had never run statewide (important advantage in a gubernatorial race in this State) and someone from outside local democratic politics...well he'd be probably come up with Carmen Ortiz. Oh course this not good news for Lt. Governor Murray whose current political woes can be overcome, but it requires Harry Truman's guts and little of Dick Nixon's deviousness...I have my doubts that Tim Murray can punch above his weight in this division. There are some solid caveats here though, is Ortiz even interested in making the race? Can she fundraise? Does she have the rhetorical component to present her views in a cogent and compelling fashion? Is theere still a glass ceiling in GUBERNATORIAL politics and is the stat ready for another female aspirant for the corner office? What sort of a platform would Ortiz run on? Questions abound off of this notion which is just want Patrick probably wants this afternoon, get a lot of people talking incite a few columnistas...get dopes like me to post shit on the internet. It never fails, hell I'll go for it every time it's either this or I slag Jim DeMint as a shitkicker Roundhead. Tomorrow? I denounce Jim DeMint of course. :D

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