Sunday, December 16, 2012

And as of this morning

Something like eight members of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation woke up, read this news item, shaved themselves of so closely, looked into the mirror and saw A Future Junior Senator From Massachusetts staring back at them. And one of those guys is already a US Senator! And the punchline? None of them are ready for the job! *** Well it is clear, none of Humble Elias' protestations carry much weight with Senior Senator from Massachusetts, so much for the All Powerful Liberal Media Eh?? *** So if it comes down to yet another Special Election at the very least we will have some sense of Scott Brown's playbook and tactics having run against him quite literally three times in less than three years! And if we wanna retain this seat, we need to dream on first time outside-the-box candidate with some fundraising reach and a punchy message/biography...just remember Martha Coakley the incumbent State Attorney General could not beat Scott Brown, but first time candidate Elizabeth Warren did. There is a lesson in that, Scott ran twice as a blurry family friendly ideological nullity and foundered badly when Warren started drawing up stark battle lines on pocketbook issues. That whole "Indian Thing" didn't help either, rattled on a month too long as well. So if we wanna beat him again, the first and most important step is to take him seriously! So given all that, once last hopeless time I do repeat, JOHN DON'T DO IT!

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