Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh and Wayne LaPierre, Jefe Maximo of the NRA

thinks the Sandy Hook Massacre is all the fault of violent movies and video games... Oh my sweet Jesus, the biggest frightmonger in the USA, a man who has resolved himself into a sort of berserker amateur psychiatrist who insists that the answer to all fears, phobias and angst, is GUN OWNERSHIP....thinks that "Call to Duty III" is to blame. There is something sick, demented and typical about that...although his solution tops his diagnosis by a country mile, ARMED GUARDS at all public schools in the land... And who the hell is gonna pay for all those trained armed secuurity guards in the schoolyards of America??? Me that is who, wealthy lobbyists like Wayne LaPierre never have to bear the financial or moral consequences of their own bad ideas....count on it. "Buy Guns, Not Books" is the NRA's answer in sum. And not for nothing but at Columbine and Virginia Tech there were several armed police officers at the respective schools when the gunfire commenced, they were out of position and unable to do anything else but call for back up...which any alert unarmed person could have done... This is the problem with the NRA and GOAL and all that lot, they won't negotiate, they won't budge an inch and their answer is pure homeopathic sociology, the solution to rampant gun violence, is more guns. Don't kid yourselves one of the greatest social engineering experiments has been going on in this country for over thirty years, it comes down to this "An armed society with complete firearm saturation, IS A SAFE SOCIETY". Well trust me there are allegedly three hundred million firearms circulating out there, one for each and every American citizen or whatnot... Anyone out there feel safe?

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