Thursday, December 13, 2012

A "Mistrial"

just doesn't scream "vindication" to Humble Elias. But then again this IS Massachusetts and the bar is set low for these sorts of things, hence ex State Treasurer Tim Cahill's loopy ass grin on the front page of the Globe today. Alas the charges were originally leveled by GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker and so given the vague nature of the statute in question what the hell could Martha Coakley do but seek an indictment and trial? I think if we are serious about public corruption (and we all should be) better sharper laws are needed. It'll be interesting to see what lessons are learned from the Cahill Trial on Beacon Hill going forward, likely it'll be the wrong ones to be sure. Meanwhile IF a broken down has been like Bill Weld can get puffed up for upcoming senatorial/gubernatorial contests...shee-it why not Tim C. "He is tanned, rested, ready and he beat the rap!"

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