Friday, December 14, 2012

I started out life in the "Riot Age"

and have lived long enough to see the dawn of the Age of School Massacres, from College to High School to Middle School now this horrific slaughter in Connecticut. *** I've said it before and I will say it again, if you are dissasociated and prone to violence in this country, you will find your way to a firearm far easier than you find your way to a psychiatrist. *** As for What Is To Be Done don't look at me, likely we aren't even gonna talk about gun control at this point, it is a policy that is pretty much off the table for good...even if such measures could address the sheer size of the US gun population which of course, they cannot. *** Well...if we aren't gonna debate gun control in the USA then maybe we ought to talk about allocating more money for "lunatic control", y'know more trained psychiatrists in the schools, better staff at mental hospitals with tighter security measures therein. Something to think about since gun control is so unthinkable and hence undiscussable. *** Looking forward to all the dumb things the gun worshippers will be saying this weekend and going forward, and that gabble is sad to say, the extent of the debate we will get on gun violence in the USA. *** The worst thing about this massacre in Connecticut is that was perpetrated on elementary school students, the most easily traumatized cohort by far. Except this time, they really have some to fear. Peace to the departed Succor unto the living....

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