Friday, December 28, 2012

Ah spoke too soon...

Looks like Congressman Ed Markey is piling in to the special senate election with both feet. I'd still like to know why he stayed out in 2010 though... And for that fact does his internal polling really reveal that his "Republican War on the Poor" meme will play in North Brookfield. Ah but I snark, I do think Ed might be enough of a yeti to keep his congressional colleagues out of the Senate Race...but then again that might not be a good thing regardless of any fears of a "bloody primary donnybrook". And if Ed does get the nomination then I'd just like to casually advise him that Scott Brown is a better debater than he seems...and if Congressman Markey starts up with his "GOP war on the poor" mantra Brown's likely response will be "My opponent has had over thirty years to solve this problem with little to show for it..." In other words Congressman Markey had better figure out how to turn a long liberal record in public life to his advantages, because trust me, it'll be the first thing turned against him in the General Election. And don't look to the Boston Globe for any help either, that lot has a vested interest in chaos on the campaign trail and nice close election....nothing more. Nonetheless, I wish the Congressman well, he is articulate able and well intentioned, but he has to transcend if he wants to win.

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