Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Decline and Fall of WTKK 96.9 FM Wingnut Spew....

Whoah... The Herald is trafficking in rumors that WTKK FM Talk (famously local platform for Falangist yakkers like Michael Graham) is gonna undergo a format change Apparently that golden 18 thru 24 demographic isn't enticed by bitter old lags screeching "Benghazi" into the microphones all day long...I mean like who knew?? Oh Ghod I may need to hire Harvard Stadium in which to guffaw...You mean Michael Graham will have to go out and get a real job? He might even end up ON WELFARE!!!! Disgraceful! Oh and poor bloated Howie Carr frittering away his ironclad contract at WRKO, if this rumor is true he will NEVER achieve his dream of being the morning man on WTKK... I shouldn't make fun of Howie, he is so bloated and sickly looking that TPTB at WTKK probably didn't think the columnist a good actuarial bet and took a second look at Justin Bieber's muzik as a consequence... Good lord supplanted by robo-dj's playing synthe-pop songs, its like a Phillip K. Dick novel over at WTKK except no one is gonna drop the H-bomb and thus put wingnut radio out of it's existential misery.

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