Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Nerve Gas...

So now the Supreme Opthamalocrat of Syria proposes to win his Civil War by dropping nerve gas on the rebels?? THAT is this D-Bag's big plan? To pull a Saddam while the whole world watches? I can't think of anything that would bring down NATO intervention quicker, and in that lies the downfall of the House of Assad for sure. At the very least it means a No Fly Zone since the Regime is conjuring with air dropped nerve gas weapons. Good Lord does this dope even listen? Bin Laden was laughing right up until the SEALS ventilated his skull and Khadaffi thought he could defy the world until NATOs fighter jets started screaming over head. Granted it is a regional tradition for regimes to slaughter their way to a majority...but nerve gas is a weapon of mass destruction, its a game changer...and one that rarely works in favor of those in power in the Middle East. I have a suspicion though, maybe it is nothing more than a malign hope, that all this nerve gas palaver is a way to bid up on Assad's exit from Syrian..."Free passage to Moscow and access to my Swiss Bank Accounts or I start nerve gassing the polity!" Given that violent threats are themselves a hallmark of serious diplomacy...this could be a sort of exit strategy, albeit a nasty and possibly genocidal strategy to be sure.

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