Thursday, December 27, 2012

So Far So Little

Teddy Kennedy Jr. doesn't wanna run for the US Senate (which is good he would be a tough sell for a number of reasons) Ben Affleck doesn't wanna run either....Both these guys have high name recognition, presumed fundraising chops and short political resumes...on the other hand they have some baggage and baggage is a thing to avoid I think as the next special senate election looms. So far no one has announced or done anything except signal a vague desire to run, and yet for all that the Boston Globe more or less assumes that the democrats will offer up a newspaper-pleasin' firefight of a primary. So far I don't see it, but that can change. Mostly I'm just wondering why suddenly Ed Markey is interested in the sinecure? He bailed on it in 2010 leaving Mike Capuano to hold high the banner of the US House....must be sick of being in the minority in John Boehner's Chamber... Of course if the dems wanna hold the seat, I'd say they need someone with some fundraising chops, an interesting message who comes with a short political resume, preferably with some bona fides outside state politics. But this is but a sketch as to who fills that bill yer guess is as good as mine. But if we want a pure celebrity driven candidacy, I'd mark out hard if comedienne Sarah Silverman made the race, hell her baggage is picturesque and makes Ben Affleck's baggage look like an empty gym bag....

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