Monday, December 03, 2012

I don't do this too often

but "Christopher" over at the Blue Mass Group seems to think we need not fear a revival in Scott Brown's political fortunes. Granted this is all speculative, Senator Kerry has neither confirmed no denied any offer of a cabinet post which or may not come his way...and the 2014 Gubernatorial palaver stands in suspension til this issue is resolved as well. Nonetheless I do think we dismiss Brown at our peril, he is only other republican (other than Romney) who has successfully run statewide in the past ten years. He has a good strong fundraising base, he is young energetic and in the end he is all the state GOP has at this point. At the very least Scott Brown has proven he can thread the needle in a special election, he seems to have less success in a general election environment which is one of the reasons why I wish to deny him his favored gambit and force him to wait either on a contested GOP gubernatorial primary or a wide open shot at the senate. Scott Brown doesn't regard his loss last month as final, so we should not either, attitude is destiny mah frenz.

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