Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Once more unto the breach dear friends..."

I sometimes am given to think that if a small child chanced to ask Scot Lehigh for the sum of two plus two, the Boston Globe columnist would immediately reply "William Weld!" Case in point today's column otherwise a clumsy leak by the former Governor to the effect that he is Baaa-ack in Massachusetts after a prolonged bender in the upper west side of NYC and available for public office if anyone is y'know interested. You can practically hear Lehigh's sigh of relief thru the newsprint. The Former Governor has still got this inexplicable hold on the imaginations of many many Boston columnists, Scot Lehigh most of all. Mind you, Lehigh is only half joking about Weld's notional return to state politics, his other half clearly earnestly wishes Bill would pile in soonest. For truly, Weld's supposed return allows his partisans on the Op-Ed page to cease contemplating the ominous future of Newsprint and pretend that is once again the golden summer of 1993 and Bill Weld is standing like Horatio at the Gates against the hordes of a democratic state legislature. It is an attitude formation that strongly suggests Orwell's fabled "retreat into Stupidity", but there you have it, the mere mention of Bill Weld's name brings it out in local opinion leaders. Never mind the fact that Weld ABANDONED this state as completely as did Mitt Romney, and for reasons even more trivial that Willard hald crazed lust for the presidency, ambition I can understand, Weld left BECAUSE HE WAS BORED! He couldn't make any purchase against Billy Bulger, his brother Whitey or for that fact John Kerry and so, stricken with ennui he resigned and flamed out in the US Senate trying to become Ambassador to Mexico.... Since then nothing but many many convivial cocktail hours a brief inept flirtation with New York Politics and then...the existential blight that attends on divorced WASPs of a certain vintage. And if Bill Weld is bored once again with the life of a Brahmin corporate lawyer will someone please tell him to write a novel or take to the variety stage or maybe start sampling some of Berkshire Mountain Distillery's corn whiskey....anything please but public office we are under no obligation to enable Bill Weld because he cannot entertain himself quietly outside the public expense.

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