Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well...even as the rest of us stagger thru to New Years

Politics keeps ticking away behind the scenes, case in point John Kerry, Victoria Reggie Kennedy and the DSCC have all loudly endorsed Ed Markey's bid to become a US Senator in the upcoming special senate election....assuming of course, John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State. Taken all together, and we can deduce that there is a concerted effort going on behind the scenes to keep the democratic senatorial primary as restricted as possible so as to give the presumptive nominee Ed Markey some momentum and maneuvering room agin' the GOP's presumptive Colonel Scott Brown. Of course this is just the sort of "concerted effort" that piss off someone somewheres and touch off a free-fer-all democratic primary... Kerry's endorsement I get, he has always been pretty free with his support (he once reached waaay down to a special state senate election in the Fourth Middlesex to gin up Ken Donnelly back in the day)...the others though, clearly smack of some strong politicking behind the scenes, likely by State Chair John Walsh. I'm sorta curious to see where Citizen Warren lands in all this, by June 2013 she could be the Senior Senator from Massachusetts, you'd think her endorsement would be a sought after thing in the above matrix. That much bears observation going forward.

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