Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And another thing Senator Kerry...

The office of Secretary of Defense is the most thankless job in the Cabinet, you get blamed for everything and all five hundred members of congress think you are their personal bitch. The SecDef is never ever remembered well no matter how good his or her intentions...controversy dogs them all to the grave and beyond. As for Foggy Bottom, c'mon now, who wants to FOLLOW Hilary Clinton into that gig?? Nuff said. Besides, why give Scott Brown a free pass into his statewide race of choice? That little issue could be a part of your legacy as well Senator Kerry. I mean forget all those columnistas who are kissing your ass now....They just want the maximum doubt and political spectacle to fill up their word count thass all. My own feeling is let us deny Scott Brown his preferred opportunity, force him to make a choice among sketchy options sez Humble Elias.

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