Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some 3600 or so

of our fellow citizens of the Commonwealth, have sent petitions to the White House, demanding that Massachusetts secede from the Federal Union. This of course is the tantrum du jour from the radical right in the wake of Obama's re-election this monht. Soooo there is a tiny minority of rightists, libertarians, enraged republicans, kooks, weirdos and wingnuts in Massachusetts who would somehow prefer the notational separatist reign of DEVAL Patrick over the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama??? Talk about excising your nose to shame your face Oh but it gets worse, because clearly the rightists of Texas would prefer the likes of a grim teachable like Rick Perry as their notional national leader over Barack Hussein Obama. Shee-it if Texas was somehow able to secede with Perry in charge they'd all be the thralls of Mexico within eighteen months count on it....

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