Sunday, November 04, 2012

There is nothing more grimly hilarious than to watch

Scott Brown's current round of campaign commercials and realizing that after months of playing cowboys and indians he is suddenly and at the last minute retreating to the center and even moving leftward.
"Vote the Man Not the Party" is a good slogan however and might move some voters into his column come Tuesday, of course it is awfully late in the game to morph into a Rockefeller Republican if'n yew ask me.
On the other hand, blustering about your independent bona fides in the final forty eight before election day is a tried and true GOP tactic in Massachusetts, versions of it finished in the money for Weld, Cellucci & Romney so take heed is all I can say.

Oh and Scott is still flashing pics of his own self in full National Guard Colonel Drag...Class All the Way Scott, Class All the Way.