Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stop and think for a moment...

Just exactly who wants to join the GOP these days?

I mean of the rising electoral cohorts in the USA?

Blacks, Women, Hispanics, Asians...all of them deserted Mitt Romney and went marching in the streets for Obama on Tuesday.
The results were so obvious and irrefutable that even a hopeless dub like Jane "Jingle Money" Swift admits the GOP is in a serious demographic trouble.

These days down in DC the republican's power base is down to a collection of rotten borough house districts bought and paid for with corrupt petrodollars to maintain the hopeless and helpless John Boehner as House Speaker and an vengeful gerontocracy of skygrifting Supreme Court Justices, after that....pffft they got nuthin'.

There are likely two courses of action open to our republican brethren.

One is to opening compete with the democrats for the loyalties of the rising electoral cohorts, this would likely require some modification of the GOP's core ideology and legislative program and would likely antagonize for different reasons both the big money contributors and the tea partei base that the GOP co-depends on for survival.

The other option is to "Retreat into Stupidity" (to quote George Orwell), insist nothing is wrong in terms of demographics and double down on restricting access to the ballot for anyone outside the GOP comfort zone.

Given the magnitude of the psychic, ideological and monetary costs of option #1, anyone wanna take action that option# 2 is the GOP's answer to the 2012 debacle when all is said and done?