Monday, November 05, 2012

Oops almost forgot....

To endorse Barack Obama for reelection as President of these United States.
He has in truth ravenous opponents, but the one thing that will not stand is the accusation that he lacks leadership.
Indeed as Churchill observed of Lincoln's critics "They did not know leadership when they saw it".
And so it is with Obama, he has soldiered thru his first term with remarkable aplomb and purpose a calmer abler man simply cannot be found.
Mitt Romney by contrast is not man made for challenging times, his foreign policy is naught but to make threats and hope no one calls him on it, his domestic policy is designed to insulate and protect the overclass, all other can go hang.
Nope it's Obama first last and always.
Oh and while I am at it, I heartily endorse democrat Elizabeth Warren for the US Senate, she will work 24-7 in the interests of the plain people of the Commonwealth and that is good enough for me. Scott Brown?  After he is done checking his polls, reviewing his pension options he MIGHT do right by Massachusetts, but it'll be largely by accident to be sure.
No Warren is our best bet to restore some leadership to the Junior Senator's slot from Massachusetts.
And while we are at it, lets elect democrat Dave Rogers to the 24th Middlesex House District tomorrow, he has some wit, an interesting resume and a willingness to work hard. His opponents self proclaimed chief qualifications seem to be "Belmont Residence"....Rogers at least is prepared to look at the district's needs as a whole...and as usual that is good enough for Humble Elias.
And in the end this is all I can do, that and resolve myself tomorrow morning into the ranks of the immortal Spartans of Menotomy and make my Last Stand for Commonwealth & Republic.
So...for all of us lets win this one so that a hundred years from now, the democrats of 2112 can say "this was their finest hour"!