Sunday, November 04, 2012

Final argument...

True to his churlish streak unto the last, Mitt Romney is now claiming that re-electing Obama will compel congressional republicans to renew their policy of obstruction & gridlock and bring chaos down on Washington DC.
"President Romney" will of course somehow smooth over those troubled waters...

Sounds like blackmail huh? Elect me or the GOP House caucus will wreck the country, it's a argument straight out of Allen Drury...
But like all of Romney's more feverish notions it is built on the dubious premise that Mitt somehow has a mysterious pimp hand over the barbarian wing of the GOP.
Quite the opposite in fact, it is they that have the whip hand over Romney, he has done nothing but suck up to them for two whole years, made any number of patently insane promises (expl. Abolish/Defund FEMA), Romney has been dealing with Massachusetts democrats all his life he has no concept of the vengeful extremism within and without the congressional GOP.
My thought is, Mitt will collapse like a house of cards at the first puff of wind from the right, that lot have been pushing Romney around for years, and there is no indication they would stop if he became President.
Frankly if you want some measure of bipartisanship Obama is a much better bet....because the best bipartisan politicians are the one who can say "No" and mean it.
Romney can't say "No" not to his own, and they know it.