Monday, November 26, 2012

New Hampshire has just finished renovating

the Governor's Executive Mansion (formally the residence of the Late Senator Styles Bridges who deeded it over to the Granite State)....Just in time for Governor Lynch to leave office. New Hampshire has an EXECUTIVE MANSION??? Talk about EXTRAVAGANCE!!! Dear Ghod what would their yeoman yankee ancestors think of such tomfool frippery??? Land Sakes! I just wanna take this opportunity to point out that the Commonwealth of Masschusetts, the alleged poster child for public profligacy, grants it's Governor's no such baronial residence even if they have to commute in to Boston all the way from North Adams as did Jane "Jingle Money" Swift back in the day. We still got some puritan gumption down hyar, unlike those decadent free spending voluptuaries up in the Granite State....lettin' th' public money burn a hole in their pockets like biblical spendthrifts... What would "Bert and I" say???

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