Friday, November 02, 2012

Christie in 2016...

Amid tragedy and disaster sometimes the best political course is simultaneously the honorable thing to do, ergo hunkering down and doing your job as best you can.
Barack Obama knows this which is why he can rise to the occasion during a natural disaster by keeping calm, engaging with the public and buckling down to the matter at hand.
Bumptious NJ Governor Chris Christie seems to have learned the same lesson in the wake of Hurricane Sandy attack no one, praise hard work and the job at hand.
Much as it seems mercenary, in this hurricane is opportunity to intro onself to the nation as a bipartisan rebuilder of broken townships.
Thus...Christie becomes a prospect for the GOP nomination in 2016 (assuming of course, the GOP still has the stomach for a Governor from the Northeast)....
Of course Romney must lose on Tuesday for Christie to prosper in the next go round' if Mitt wins likely Christie will miss his chance at the Big Brass Ring.
Fate will decide that part of the scenario, over the long term we should be watchful and see if he starts hitting the gym and dieting Mike Huckabee'll be a sure tip off that Christie has ambitions beyond Trenton.
Fat is like a bald head in modern presidential politics, a drawback in other words. The last well fed Presidential candidate in this century was Adlai Stevenson (the former Illinois Governor liked his meals to be sure) and the last President with a paunch was Herbert Hoover...I mean you do the math on that one.