Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Barack Obama doubles down on the USA...

The test of a great political organization and the coalition it seeks to assemble, is not made in flush times when landslide victories are on offer, it is rather coming thru come hell or high water in a tight race.
And that is what the President did last night, he forged a coalition, built a machine to them all to the polls and ran Mitt Romney right off the board.

Its a classic case, much akin to the democratic victories in 1948, 1960 & even 1976.

So kudos to the President, he never ever flinched, hell his "those not skinning may hold a leg" philosophy even developed good stout coat-tails down ticket, that coalition of his likely elected four democratic senators last night...Including our new Junior Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

But it was Obama's night, he proclaimed, he attacked, he had boundless faith in his organization & coalition, he never backed down on his own record and what the hell, he won.
Object lesson for the democrats of 2016....