Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tim Murray wants his shot

at the Governor's office in 2014, and predictably, Joanie Vennochi thinks that ambition "delusional", citing a lack of transparency with respect to Lt. Governor's driving record. Ah yes transparency, that thing that the Globe frets about endlessly when the democrats are in office, you never see or hear the word when the GOP rules the roost for some reason. Nonetheless with the McLaughlin thing, and the Burgess thing a case can be made against the Lt Governor if it wasn't for the fact that the Admin generally fires people who abide beneath the accusation of malfeasance, unlike the Romney admin who just purged out the gays with a tight little smirk. Ah but no matter, the local punditariat has made up it's mind about Murray and no amount of blogging from me at least is gonna change anyone's mind. Tim Murray could take his case over the heads of the media to the people directly Harry Truman style he is at the very least strongly associated with a successful administration in the State House...And that counts for something. Alas and alack, I just don't see Tim Murray generating those kinds of sparks...He is a decent relatively sincere fellow but I doubt he can make the necessary fight to carry the day. Nonetheless his position gives him a serious leg up on the competition within the democratic party...Soooo I dunno,not seeing him as the candidate who can beat Scott Brown or Charlie Baker, but I'd love to be proven wrong here.

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