Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Steve Wynn

(who is Donald Trump sans the preposterous ego and dumbass politics), may want to build a casino in Everett Ma. This on the heels of one of Wynn's proposed casinos getting re-jected by the Town of Foxborough Ma. This is the sort of news that will likely get Mayor Menino OUT of that hospital room at Spaulding Rehab and back on the job soonest...he was counting on his legacy consisting of a giant hotel-casino complex to be built on the ruins of Suffolk Downs. And so it goes, locality versus developer versus bureaucracy versus ambitious politician. And out only hope of keeping casinos out, lies in just this sort of chaos...tis a thin reed to be sure, but it's all we've got. Frankly (and I conceded I'm riding a hobbyhorse here) I'd sooner see three more distilleries or oil refineries in the Commonwealth than any casinos....

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