Sunday, November 18, 2012

Schadenfreude Part III

As much fun as the Boston Herald is, on the day after the democrats clear the board, nothing quite matches reading the newsweeklies and their attempts to wrap their narrow little groupthink minds around the recent presidential election.

Time  Magazine: Has this whole "Whoa Up there democrats!  You didn't quite score a landslide this time! Don't Get So Cocky or We Will Run a Caricature of You On Our Cover!" meme goin' on.
Otherwise the whole issue is given over to nostalgia for Romney's winning performance in the Denver debate....
 It is pretty funny to read when you consider that the whole Time-Life empire was founded by a god fearing GOP publicist named Henry Luce who honestly believe every republican excess was naught but boyish high jinks and every democratic over-reach A Grave Threat To The U.S. Constitution. As the Olde Misanthrope once opined "Time was always a haughty little rag"...and historically immune to it's own hypocrisy as well.
Shit as far as Humble Elias is concerned Time Magazine invented "Fair and Balanced" news coverage.

Newsweek: Is a fun read this week as well, they can't decide if the GOP is dead outright or mostly dead.
But then again this is "Newsweek" we are talking about they change sides at a speed to do justice to a Mitt Romney. Two months ago they screamed it was a lock for Obama, when the Denver debates went south they started hedging their bets and when Obama finally surged to victory they went running out into the streets banging the pots and shrieking they wuz wif da Prez all da time!

Print journalism is dying and will not likely survive the decade in any substantive way, I will mourn much of it's passing as a former freelance writer for various local publications.  But at least when Time and Newsweek finally go for the terminal dirt nap some good will come of the much ballyhoo'd "Apocalypse for the floppies".

I can remember with the simplest  nostalgia, back in the 1980's when both publications would literally flop over on their backs like bitch dogs at the mere mention of Ronald Reagan's name.   Newsweek in particular was a eight year long weekly commercial for the Reagan Admin right down to George Will's weekly toadying on the back page.  Heady stuff indeed, but now both pubs are headed for the last round up...I for one am getting my dancing shoes shined so I can execute a clumsy nasty little jig atop their cold journalistic graves.

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