Thursday, November 15, 2012

If you wanna read something hilarious in today's Globe

check out Joan Vennochi's column she is LOUD in her praises for Senator John Kerry for once, but then again she wants him to make the jump to Foggy Bottom as well.
Of course with John Kerry safely tucked way in the Cabinet, Joan will then have a ringside seat on the ensuing special election in the Commonwealth thus to sell newspapers and generate column topics galore.
Well sheee-it I need blog fodder too, but I won't sacrifice John Kerry to get it.
John me heartie, Forget all this empty praise from certain columnists who were calling you a hapless loser not sixty days ago...turn down the offer no matter how tempting the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom or the Collectorship of the Port of Galveston Texas may be.
Please Senator, Stand by Massachusetts!
Don't do Scott Brown any favors, let him try to porch climb his way back on the established schedule ....